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ATSC USB Tuner - Watch and Record Digital TV On Your Computer

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Watch free ATSC High Definition and Digital TV on your computer! This impressive USB dongle contains a powerful digital TV receiver that allows you to watch crystal clear high definition programming on your desktop PC, notebook, laptop, or netbook. Included with this USB dongle is a digital video recording (DVR) software package that lets you schedule recordings of all your favorite TV programs to watch whenever you desire. So for about half the price of your monthly cable bill, you can transform your average computer into a High Definition Digital TV receiver plus Digital Video Recorder!

This incredible USB dongle is extremely easy for anyone to use. Simply install the included software CD, plug the ATSC dongle in to any USB port, open the DVR software, then sit back and enjoy hours of premium High Definition Television all at your fingertips. The product even comes with a remote so you can operate the receiver the same way you would a traditional TV. If your computer has an "AV out" connection you can even send the digital TV signal to your primary television, so you can enjoy hours of free ATSC and QAM digital HDTV programming on not only your computer, but your big screen plasma TV as well!

Main features

  • Product Description: ATSC and QAM live TV receiver for personal computers
  • Computer Connection: USB 2.0
  • MPEG Type: Supports MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
  • Compatible Computer Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
  • Dimensions: 17 (H) x 28 (W) x 6 (D) mm
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS

Product Notes

  • To learn more about ATSC broadcasting systems you can visit:
  • Evaluate the included basic ATSC software for yourself. You may decide you need more advanced features, in which case we recommend that you try out some of the popular open-source titles or purchase a commercial DVR software package. Depending on your ATSC software, you may be able to do any or all of the following:
    - Use smart search functionality to quickly locate favorite TV shows or desired TV show times
    - Record TV programs instantly or at a scheduled time
    - Time shift to pause live TV shows or skip commercials
    - Save and organize favorite channels

Package Contents

  • ATSC and QAM USB Dongle
  • DVR software CD with drivers (English)
  • Quick installation guide (English)
  • Antenna with suction base
  • Remote

ATSC USB Tuner - Watch and Record Digital TV On Your Computer