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Gadget Paper Shredder + Letter Opener - USB Powered

  • Model: ul5Cg65q
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Gadget paper shredder and letter opener combo powered directly by a computer via a USB Port. This desktop accessory comes with a plastic container, catching all the shredded paper, and keeping your workplace clean of unwanted debris. This model comes in a perfect size and shape and nicely sits on your desk, making it look extra cool.

This is the perfect device to ensure your confidential letters are securely disposed of when needed. Its size and letter opening function gives it that additional usefulness. Opening letters has never been more fun and easier. Have you ever accidentally torn of a piece of the letter within an envelope? Well, just like many of us, this is the solution to your problem! With a simple slide, you can open your envelope efficiently and safely with out destroying the letter within.

Main features

  • Primary Function: Paper Shredder and Letter Opener - USB Powered
    - Paper Shredder
    - Paper Shredder
    - Letter Opener
  • Forward and Reverse Button
  • Container Capacity: 1.6L
  • Lip size: 125mm - For paper wider than 125mm, simply fold the paper in half. If the paper is no more than 125mm long you can put two in at the same time.
  • Power Source: USB Powered or 4x AA Batteries
  • Dimensions: L:164 x W:128 x D:148 (mm)
  • Catalog Ref: USB Paper Shredder, Computer Accessories, Office Paper Shredder

Product Notes

  • Plug and Play
  • No Driver Needed. Will work with any OS

Package Contents

  • Paper shredder and letter opener
  • USB Power Cord (For powering the gadget via the computer)
  • Container for Paper
  • Manual - English

Gadget Paper Shredder + Letter Opener - USB Powered